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Thoughts On My Wedding

It’s been three weeks since Tyler and I were married in the Ogden, Utah LDS temple.


Inside of every girl, there is a bride, and her wedding day is the happiest day of her life. Mine sure was.


I mean, come on, could I have had a more perfect day?


Well, maybe.

Shortly after returning to work after my honeymoon, a coworker, engaged to be married herself, asked me what I would have done different. Caught a little off guard, I don’t know if I gave her a very good answer.I’ve thought a lot about that since then, and talked to Tyler about his opinions, and have compiled a list of things I would have changed, as well as things I absolutely would not have changed.

  1. The first thing that comes to mind is that I wish I would have worried less. Particularly when it came to the reception, held the night of the wedding. We held it where Tyler is from, which meant his mom was “in charge” of it. Unlike the open house held in Rexburg, where I’m from, which was organized by my mom, I didn’t get the chance to talk a lot with my then future mother-in-law about exactly what I wanted. I was a little worried that because we’d talked so little, my vision wouldn’t be realized and the reception would be not at all liked I planned.  I needn’t have worried. The reception was beautiful, all came together just fine, and honestly, I didn’t care like I thought I would. I mean, I just got married, I was surrounded by familyy, and I was with the man I loved. I couldn’t care less if the decorations were perfectly coordinated. I was just too happy (and too tired) to care.
  2. While we’re talking receptions, I wish I would have done the reception the night before. By the time 6 pm rolled around, it had been a long day! The wedding had been at 9:30, which meant I’d been up by 5:30. Then pictures afterwards. Then a luncheon between 12 and 2. How we wished we could just leave after that! For a less stressful and shorter wedding day, do the reception the night before. Or the week after.
  3. We served our wedding cake at the reception, and we wish we would have cut the cake earlier. Our reception ran from 6 to 8, and we had planned on serving the cake at 7, but the receiving was still so long! However, by the time we did cut the cake (after 7:30), we felt like some people had missed out and by the end of the reception, there was still over a tier of our three tiered caked left. We wish we would have just announced we were cutting the cake, and invited people to get back in line afterwards.
  4. My last “I Wish” has to do with Thank You cards. Thank You’s are pretty much the worst. I’ve seen this idea on Pinterest and definitely wish I would have listened. I wish I would have had guests leave the addresses on an envelope as they signed in. Writing a hundred thank you cards is bad enough, but even more, I’m dreading trying to track down all those addresses.


However, despite what I would have changed, there are far more things that I’m pleased with. Like…

  1. I’m so glad we got married in the morning! There’s something to be said about getting up early the morning of your wedding and not having to wait until late that afternoon to get married. Plus, if you do plan on having a reception that night, it gives some you some relax time between the ceremony and reception.
  2. We did a luncheon after the ceremony for family members and close friends exclusively. The best part of that was when we had everyone stand, introduce themselves, and give us (the bride and groom 🙂 ) a piece of advice. That was so fun! It was nice to see all the people we loved who had come to support us, and we loved seeing everyone’s personalities come through with the advice they chose to share. Some were funny, some were serious, some were sentimental, and all were appreciated. Tyler’s brother (the best man) took a video of it for us.
  3. We wanted to serve our cake and the reception. Out of convenience and cost, we ordered ours from a bakery at a local grocery store (I know, so does not sound high-class). However, the cake turned out BEAUTIFUL and, even better, it tasted DELICIOUS. I’m so glad we chose a cake without a lot of embellishments that we knew would taste really good. Everyone loved the cake, I got so many compliments on it, and even though there wasn’t enough guests to finish it off during the reception, between my and Ty’s families, it all got eaten pretty soon afterward!
  4. No wedding is really complete without a honeymoon destination. For ours, we decided to go to Yellowstone. We stayed at an inn in West Yellowstone for about a week. No, it wasn’t big or glamorous or super exciting, but I’m so glad we chose a low-key honeymoon. We stayed in a nice room and just got to relax, which, after months of wedding planning and school and busy work schedules, was just what we needed. We could go into the park and go hiking if we wanted to, but if not, we didn’t feel guilty staying in and watching Netflix or taking naps.

All in all, as I said, my wedding day was the happiest day of my life. And while it wasn’t “perfect” or Hollywood worthy, I really wouldn’t change a thing.



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