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Cache Valley Bucket List

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I always thought I’d be a Utah girl. I never wanted to stay in Washington, where I grew up, or Idaho, where my family moved when I was a senior in high school. I had my sights on escaping to Utah for college. Of course, I thought I was going to Provo to attend BYU. To make a long story short, that didn’t happen, and I ended up attending USU in Logan.

I’ve been living in Logan, UT for two years now and I love it here! It’s such a beautiful place. I love the four distinct seasons, all the trees, the mountains, and the charm of a college town. I don’t know if I’ll stick around permanently, but with a year and a half of school left, I know I’ll be here for a couple more years to finish.

Dwelling on these next couple years to come, I feel like I’m not living Logan’s full potential. I’ve lived in Logan for two years and I haven’t even visited, like, 80 percent of the shops on Main Street. I haven’t been camping or canoeing. I’ve never even attended a USU football game *gasp*.

After he gets off work in the evenings, my husband and I often try to come up with things to do, and we’re slowly coming to realize there is so much to do in this lovely area! So I decided to make a list, a Cache Valley Bucket list, and attempt all of these things over the next year. Every time I try something, I’ll post about it. I’m excited to begin the adventure of exploring Logan!

*Note: a couple of items aren’t technically Cache Valley, but I included them anyway, because they were near and popular 🙂

Cache Valley Bucket List

  1. Tour Aggie Ice Cream
  2. Clean the Sink at Angie’s
  3. Logan Aquatic Center
  4. Browse the shops on Main Street
  5. USU football game
  6. USU basketball game
  7. Breakfast at Herm’s Inn
  8. Sled Old Main Hill
  9. Feed the Ducks at First Dam
  10. Hike the Wind Caves
  11. Take epic pictures hiking Crimson Trail
  12. Rock climb
  13. Canoe/Kayak/Float Logan River
  14. Bear Lake day trip
  15. Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art on USU campus
  16. USU Museum of Anthropology
  17. Camp anywhere!
  18. Bonfire at Second Dam
  19. Corn Maze (Little Bear Bottoms or American West Heritage Center)
  20. Baby Animal Days
  21. Pumpkin Walk
  22. Logan Tabernacle tour and Family History Center
  23. Willow Park Zoo
  24. Summerfest Art’s Faire
  25. Drive Logan Canyon in the fall
  26. Jardine Juniper Tree hike
  27. Hike Logan Mountain
  28. Follow the May Swenson Poetry Path
  29. Attend an event in the Ellen Eccles Theater
  30. Attend the Pickleville Playhouse
  31. Attend a USU production
  32. Eccles Ice Center
  33. Country Swing Dancing
  34. Crystal Hot Springs
  35. Any one of Logan’s numerous 5ks or 10ks
  36. Bluebird Candy Factory and Restaurant
  37. River trail/Stokes Nature Center
  38. Become a True Aggie 😉
  39. Gosner’s Factory
  40. USU 3rd of July firework show
  41. Attempt a 36″ pizza at Firehouse Pizzeria
  42. Pepperidge Farm Factory
  43. Fried ice cream at Cafe Sabor in the old train station
  44. Hike the Wellsvilles
  45. Fish in the Logan River
  46. Logan Holiday Gift Show
  47. Logan Institute Choir Christmas/End of school year concert
  48. Gardener’s Market
  49. Participate in Relay for Life held in USU’s fieldhouse
  50. Jump in First Dam…at night…

Thanks to: The Dancing Cow blog, Cache Valley Visitors Bureau, and Nothing to Do in Logan for ideas. Check them out!


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