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Cache Valley Bucket List: Feed the Ducks at First Dam

Call me a child, but this is one of my very favorite things to do.


First Dam, or Canyon Entrance Park, is the first of three dams on the Logan River as it winds through Logan Canyon. It’s an extremely popular spot for families, groups of friends, and fisherman, especially on sunny days, Canoes and kayaks frequent the surface of the water and picnics dot the grassy banks. My favorite part, though, are the ducks.


A wide variety of waterfowl populate First Dam and they are always eager for a snack. Bring lots of old bread crusts and watch every bird in the area flock to you, honking and quacking to win your affection and your bread.


Tyler and I have done this a handful of times now and started naming the birds we recognize every time. Tiny is a little bitty female mallard. Mohawk is a black and white duck who has a unique spray of untidy feathers sticking up on top of his head. Pigeon is the pretty dappled grey duck with the green beak. Fatty is probably our favorite – she’s the only one who will consistently eat out of your hand, and consequently she’s a lot bigger than the rest of the ducks.

I would highly recommend taking even just a half hour to stroll first dam and feed the ducks.


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