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Cheap, Fun Dates Anyone Can Do

  1. Geocaching
  2. Penny Wishes: get a roll of pennies and go to a nearby lake/river/pond/fountain. Take turns throwing pennies into the water. With every penny, name a life goal or wish.
  3. Cook a new food together
  4. Bake cookies and take them to neighbors or family
  5. “Camping”: Set out sleeping bags on your floor. Roast marshmallows over the stove and make s’mores. Tell scary stories. Sing camp songs. Play nature sounds in the back ground.
  6. Really build a campfire and roast hot dogs
  7. Be tourists in your hometown
  8. Find the best climbing trees
  9. Attempt to make a movie
  10. Mock photo shoot
  11. Movie night, complete with popcorn
  12. Find a DIY project to improve his/her/your home and do together
  13. Visit the local farmer’s market
  14. Visit nearby family, especially elderly members.
  15. Do a memory session and record the two of you talking about how you met, dates you went on, your first kiss, etc.
  16. Take a series of photos containing a pair of shoes that document a day in the life of an invisible man
  17. Go sledding
  18. Build a snowman
  19. Have a snowball fight
  20. Build an igloo
  21. Make homemade pasta
  22. Do family history together
  23. Go on a run
  24. Play tennis
  25. Go rock climbing
  26. Go swimming
  27. Go hiking
  28. Feed ducks at a park
  29. Go to a hay/corn maze
  30. Visit an animal shelter
  31. Go to a local college or high school ball game
  32. Tour a local factory
  33. Go to an art or history museum (watch for discount or free days)
  34. Have your date try teach you how to do something they love
  35. Try to teach your date how to do something you love
  36. Paint Twister
  37. Go bowling
  38. Go miniature golfing
  39. Go to a “cheap seats” theater
  40. Go fishing
  41. Leave inspirational sidewalk chalk messages for passerbys
  42. Write a story together
  43. Try a new skill neither of you have
  44. Go for a bike ride
  45. Break out your old journals and share excerpts
  46. Go through old family photos
  47. Play hide and seek in a grocery store
  48. Go on a walk
  49. Watch a sunset from somewhere high up
  50. Watch a sunrise, then make breakfast together
  51. Go to a drive in movie
  52. Build the most epic blanket fort
  53. Make homemade donuts
  54. Have a paper airplane contest
  55. Get ice cream and just TALK
  56. Visit a bookstore or library. Read children’s books. Leave notes in your favorite novels
  57. Have some sort of movie/TV show marathon
  58. Read a book out loud together
  59. Go to a haunted house
  60. Find out where in your town they hold swing dancing nights and go

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