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It’s been a good summery weekend. I went on this epic hike to the top of a mountain with Maizy, got some good trail running in on a new running trail, ate lots of peaches (I love peach season!), got a sunburn, and…



Aren’t they beautiful? *happy sigh*

Actually, I’m not 100 percent sure these are “true” blackberries. They might be marionberries, which is a recently developed hybrid of two different types of blackberries. When I say recently, I mean like 1940s – within the last 100 years. They were named after place of origin, Marion County of Oregon. Basically, a marionberry is just a really big blackberry with a supposedly better taste. And these berries are quite humongous. And delicious. But anyways…

Words can not tell you how over-the-moon ecstatic I am! I grew up in Western Washington where wild blackberries grow everywhere. My childhood summers were quite literally filled with blackberries – berry picking, berry pies, berry stained fingers.

And then I moved to Southeastern Idaho, where there are no wild blackberries to be found. Sad, sad day.

And blackberries are expensive! Like, five dollars a pint expensive. So I never buy any, obviously, despite my deep love for them. But I’ve missed them.

So story time. I was on a run (surprise, surprise) and growing right next to the sidewalk on the edge of a creek were two flourishing blackberry bushes! With HUGE blackberries. (Or marionberries. Whichever.) And I came back later and picked a whole half pound of berries. For free! The things I can do with these…


Pancakes…pie…ice cream…cobbler…these sandwiches…these blackberry rolls (!)…

I’m open to suggestions!


Anyway, just wanted to share the beauty of my blackberries with you all. 🙂

And some great pics from my hike! I love living somewhere where I can hike all the time.



And I have a stellar hiking partner, of course…


So do you have a favorite berry? A favorite summer pastime? A suggestion for my berries? Let me know!

And stayed tuned to see what becomes of my berries! I’m playing with a couple ideas…

As always, happy baking!


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