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Sept. 14 Five Things


So for today’s post I’m taking a break from recipe posting just to share 5 things . You can expect a post like this from time to time. Consider it a snapshot of what’s going on with me outside the kitchen 🙂

  1. Let’s start with food still though 😉 Here’s some recipes that have caught my eye recently. I’m thoroughly intrigued by these black bean brownies from Faring-Well. There’s these caramel apple cookies I didn’t know I needed in my life. And with the changing season, I’m very much looking forward to remaking what is possibly my very favorite pumpkin recipe. Which brings me to my next point!
  2. FALL IS COMING!!! I was in the grocery store today and there were pumpkins! And Halloween decorations! And pumpkin and apple spice EVERYTHING! I’m thrilled 😀 I bought some canned pumpkin and Tyler bought me a new pumpkin candle and it’s supposed to thunderstorm here all the second half of this week so call me excited.


  1. Tyler and I have been in a Harry Potter kick lately (what else is new? Are we ever not?) and listened to the 6th book on CD for the last week and a half. We just finished and I’m sad! I sense the 7th book on CD in the future…


  1. Fun date Tyler and I went on this week? The Parade of Homes. We toured new houses all over the valley and voted for our favorites and there was this one GIGANTIC house that was just incredible. It had not one, but TWO craft rooms. TWO craft rooms, people! And two kitchens. And a hidden pantry. If I ever become a multi-millionaire, you know where to find me.
  2. Finish with some puppy spam! (Her new favorite spot is under the kitchen table.)

Have a happy day!


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