I love baking. I love dessert. I love chocolate, especially with peanut butter. Ice cream is this world’s most perfect food. And sweets are here to be enjoyed, dang it! If chocolate peanut butter ice cream is going to exist, I’m going to eat it! 😀


I also firmly believe in eating healthy. I believe that what you put in your body is important and that you should fuel yourself responsibly (and deliciously 🙂 ).  And I sincerely love fresh fruits and vegetables. I love that feeling you get when you eat something that is just good for you. I’m intimately familiar with the produce section at my grocery store.

It’s a constant struggle, loving both sweets and nutrition so much. So how to find the balance? Can you really be healthy while still treating yourself?

My blog seeks to walk the line between eating a balanced diet full of whole foods while still feeling free to indulge in my favorite treats. Here, you’ll find recipes packed with fruits and veggies right alongside recipes for the most decadent desserts.

It’s my belief that if you are feeding yourself responsibly most of the time, you should definitely go ahead and enjoy that slice of cake! The key is moderation. Indulge and enjoy, but don’t OVER indulge. Figure out the healthy things you love just as much and fill yourself up with those. And of course, it helps if you go running once in a while too :).