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A couple weeks ago, Tyler and I were making the long drive home from Boise, ID to Logan, UT. Tyler says that this four hour stretch of road is “the worst drive ever.”

“Nothing changes,” he said. “We go over a hill, and then it’s like we’re still in the same place.”

So, because he had to drive this horribly dull road, I let him listen to whatever he wanted. So he could stay awake.

We listened to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on audio book for a while, but eventually he needed a change. Tyler is big into podcasts, so that’s what we listened to next. At the time, he was in the middle of a series called “The Art of Manliness,” which, I’ll admit, wasn’t high on my list of what I wanted.

However, the particular episode we listened to on that long, monotonous drive was titled “Microadventures,” and I was intrigued through the whole thing.

2014-10-17 11.20.19

The idea of microadventures is to find a small kind of adventure near you that you can take a weekend or a day or even an evening to “get away.” Things like hikes or one-night camping trips or exploring your city.

I loved it. I frequently suffer from the travel bug but, considering I’m working and going to school and nearly always busy (and poor), I can’t indulge it by flying to Europe or taking a cross-country road trip.I can, however, take a few hours to explore the world immediately around me. It may not be super exotic , but it helps to soothe my vagabond fantasies.

Another important aspect of microadventures is the removal of yourself from technology. How can you expect to take a vacation, however small, if you remain attached to your email or Facebook ? In a world where we are in constant contact with internet and distracted by Netflix and Twitter and apps on our phones, it is important to totally break from that, and microadventures allow for the perfect opportunity.

So go out! Find an adventure near you. It doesn’t have to be elaborate.

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Crimson Trail

Where: Logan Canyon, Spring Hollow Campground

When: Anytime the canyon isn’t in snow! Saturday mornings tend to draw lots of people, especially if the weather is nice. Fall is a particularly nice time to hike and see Logan’s autumn colors.

Description: 3 miles one way, then about a mile loop back on the Riverside Nature Trail to Spring Hollow. The trail climbs 1000 feet to the top of Logan Canyon’s China Wall.

This hike is a little harder than the Wind Caves. Be sure to take along water bottles and maybe some granola bars. Small children not recommended, but younger kids should be just fine.

This is my FAVORITE hike. The views are spectacular! Be sure to have a camera on hand so you can take some epic picture.

2014-10-17 11.54.17 2014-10-17 11.20.19 IMG_2855 IMG_2850 IMG_2843

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Cache Valley Bucket List: Wind Caves

Where: Logan Canyon, just past 3rd Dam

When: Anytime the canyon isn’t in snow! Saturday mornings tend to draw lots of people, especially if the weather is nice.

Description: 3.8 miles round trip, and it climbs almost 1000 feet on the way up. The hike up takes about an hour, but the hike back down the mountain goes about twice as quick.

You will sweat on this hike. You will become short of breath, but it is very doable (we saw plenty of families with small children). And the view from the top is beautiful!




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Cache Valley Bucket List: Clean the Sink at Angie’s

Where: Angie’s on Main Street in Logan

Cost: 12.99

I will confess, I have done this three times now. It’s ice cream, my favorite thing!

You go in to Angie’s. They’ll seat you and give you menus, but you just tell them you’re cleaning the sink and they understand.

The sink comes with lots of vanilla ice cream, two bananas, tons of whipped cream, and a cherry on top. You also get to choose three additional toppings. My favorite combination is chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and oreos.

The sink can take anywhere from 2 to 6 people to finish it. I guess if you’re really ambitious you could finish it yourself! 😉 I’ve done it with 4 people, 5 people, and 6 people, and finished it every time, as well as felt stuffed every time.

This is one of those classic “you have to do this if you live in Logan” kind of things.

 IMG_2920 IMG_0783 IMG_2918 2014-06-23 16.22.38

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Cache Valley Bucket List: Feed the Ducks at First Dam

Call me a child, but this is one of my very favorite things to do.


First Dam, or Canyon Entrance Park, is the first of three dams on the Logan River as it winds through Logan Canyon. It’s an extremely popular spot for families, groups of friends, and fisherman, especially on sunny days, Canoes and kayaks frequent the surface of the water and picnics dot the grassy banks. My favorite part, though, are the ducks.


A wide variety of waterfowl populate First Dam and they are always eager for a snack. Bring lots of old bread crusts and watch every bird in the area flock to you, honking and quacking to win your affection and your bread.


Tyler and I have done this a handful of times now and started naming the birds we recognize every time. Tiny is a little bitty female mallard. Mohawk is a black and white duck who has a unique spray of untidy feathers sticking up on top of his head. Pigeon is the pretty dappled grey duck with the green beak. Fatty is probably our favorite – she’s the only one who will consistently eat out of your hand, and consequently she’s a lot bigger than the rest of the ducks.

I would highly recommend taking even just a half hour to stroll first dam and feed the ducks.

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Cache Valley Bucket List: Bonfire at Second Dam

Where: Logan Canyon, Second Dam

When: Late spring, summer, early fall

Cost: Free

Is there anything that says summer more than a campfire? Campfires are always some of my summer highlights. I’ve done fires at second dam a number of times, and it’s always enjoyable. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows, enjoy tinfoil dinners, bring a guitar to sing songs, and tell stories with friends and family for an enjoyable evening.


  • No cost
  • Fires on the edge of the water
  • Picnic tables available


  • No camping
  • Fire pits close together, and you might have noisy neighbors

IMG_2867 IMG_2872

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Cache Valley Bucket List: Willow Park Zoo


Location: Willow Park, 419 W 700 S

Cost: 2.50 for adults, 1.50 for children 3-11

When: Closes around November, opens around March. Mon – Sat, 10am-6pm

In our first go at the Logan bucket list, Tyler and I visited the Willow Park Zoo. We weren’t expecting much – it’s a small zoo, and admission is super cheap – but we were pleasantly surprised. We had a great time!

Though small, the zoo offers a lot for its low price. In addition to local wildlife, such as elk, raccoons, turtles, coyotes, bobcats, porcupines, and several types of ducks and birds, the Willow Park Zoo is also home to Capuchin monkeys, kinkajous, emus, many tropical birds, desert tortoises, yaks, and some other unique additions, like the white raccoon and the albino porcupine. We spent about an hour and a half visiting all the animals. We missed the bird feeding though, which you can sign up to participate in the front office at 12:15 and 2:30.

I loved the Willow Park Zoo. We will be returning for sure! Be sure to check out Reindeer Trek around the holidays.

The tortoise attempting a jailbreak
The tortoise attempting a jailbreak



We really loved the pelican, for some reason
We really loved the pelican, for some reason


For Disney Hercules fans...
For Disney Hercules fans…”Wanna buy a sun dial?”