Cheap Fun Dates For Anyone

This list holds date ideas for every couple, every season, every location. Read More

Cache Valley Bucket List

My husband and I often try to come up with things to do, and we’re slowly coming to realize there is so much to do in this lovely area! So I decided to make a list, a Cache Valley Bucket list, and attempt all of these things over the next year. Every time I try something, I’ll post about it. I’m excited to begin the adventure of exploring Logan! Read More

FHE Ideas For Young Couples 

In the LDS church, families are encouraged to hold “Family Night” every week, usually on Monday. I can’t remember ever having FHE without six people in total, and now it’s just Tyler and me, so I’ve been brainstorming and researching good ideas. Read More

Meal Planning

I’ve always wanted to be a meal planner. It’s supposed to save you money and (used correctly) help maintain a better diet. You can see what you’re eating and it’ll save you time and stress trying to figure out what to cook for dinner tonight (even when – like me! – you love to cook). Read More

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