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Jan Week 1 Photos

I decided it was a little impractical to post a picture every day, both because that’s a lot of posts, and because I probably don’t have time every day to be posting a picture.

Instead, I’ll be doing a weekly post that displays my favorite pictures of the week.  That said, here are  a few more from the past week. A couple are from the Hogle Zoo and Living Planet Aquarium. Those trips were good for practicing, because the light was constantly changing as we went in and out of different rooms and buildings, so I had to keep on readjusting for new lighting situations.


Sky through bare tree branches on a January evening


Playground slide


Parrot at the Living Planet Aquarium


Lion at the Hogle Zoo. He was staring right into my soul!


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Jan. 2 Photo

My dad, my brother, and my husband went shooting on Saturday and I got this pretty picture of my brother shooting. I love the blue sky!


Whenever I shoot outside, I often forget to switch the white balance to daylight, but it makes a huge difference! It allows for the nice sunny, golden tones to warm up the picture.


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Jan. 1 Photo

Featured in my very first photo a day post is my golden retriever Sparky.


I was playing around with the aperture settings, which I’ve decided is actually my favorite thing. I’ve always wondered how some photos get the nice clear subject in the front and the blurry background, and guess what> It’s SO easy! It’s the aperture settings!

Basically, from what I’ve gathered, the lower the aperture number (for example f 4.0, which is what I used here) the more it’s going to blur the background and focus on an up-close subject. Not ideal for taking scenery pics, but great for a portrait of your puppy.