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Portland, Oregon

The other part of my and Tyler’s trip that I wanted to highlight was our last stop in Portland, OR.

Now, we didn’t do as much in Portland as we did in Seattle, since we were only there for an evening, but after we’d spent the evening there, I wish we could have explore Portland more!

We dined on seafood that night. We’d missed our seafood in Seattle and I’d been looking to have some before we returned to land-locked, seafood-lacking Utah. Luckily, we found this fantastic little place called The Fishwife. It had a quaint, old-style, hole-in-the-wall kind of feel, and it was delicious. Here’s me, enjoying my seafood combo basket.


After dinner, we headed to Powell’s City of Books, and it was quite actually heaven on Earth. Powell’s is the LARGEST bookstore in the WORLD. Do you know how exciting this is to a huge book nerd like me?! SO exciting!!! The store occupies it’s own city block, is four stories high, and consists of NINE color coded rooms that house different types of books.


Don’t worry, they have maps if you get lost. I totally needed one, but is there a better place to be lost than among shelves of books? Two hours here was nowhere near long enough for me; I could have wandered and read for days.

Our only other Portland excursion was to Voodoo Doughnut, of course. But listen up! This is very important. There are two locations in Portland. While maybe it’s worth it you to go to the FIRST location, I would highly recommend going to the second instead. We tried the first, which is located in busy downtown and doesn’t have its own parking lot, but does have millions of people in line out the door. Ty and I didn’t want to fight the mob and wanted to pay for parking even less, so we checked out Voodoo Doughnut TOO (Two), which was only about five minutes away. It wasn’t quite as downtown, had LOTS of parking, and very few people inside. Much better!


We got the Voodoo Doll doughnut, the Bacon Maple Bar (my favorite), the Pot Hole Doughnut (an explosion of peanut butter and oreos), and the Lemon Chiffon crueller…all delicious 🙂



Like I said, I would have loved to explore Portland more. We were sad to leave, but we had a great time!